Foam has a complete variety and excellent performance, and cooperates with well-known brands at h

Strictly select foam raw materials and cooperate with well-known raw material brands at home and abroad to provide customers with better product quality

Suzhou Woyu has advanced production equipment, which can meet the production and application needs of multi-channel processing processes such as rewinding, slitting, special-shaped processing, punching and cutting of all kinds of foam

Strict testing of products, more than ten product production processes

Through ISO9001 quality system certification, foam has good product performance. After more than ten production processes, such as slicing, back glue, slitting and punching, it can ensure the quality of foam products

It has its own testing laboratory and professional foam testing equipment. All products have passed the testing and certification of SGS, CTI and other third-party institutions

Pre sales proofing and after-sales considerate service

One stop foam procurement, from raw material procurement to finished foam products, saves multiple finished product procurement processes and makes finished product procurement faster

It has a special 24-hour after-sales team to provide customers with technical support, timely provide emergency solutions within 24 hours, and the service is considerate

Company profile

Company profile

     Suzhou Woyu polymer material Co., Ltd. (Kunshan Tianyu Hongtu) was established in August 2010. The company is located at No. 688, Zhonghua Road, Bacheng Town, Kunshan City. The company is a comprehensive manufacturer of professional foaming electronic materials integrating processing, production and sales. Its main products are rubber foaming (Cr, EPDM, NBR, SBR, etc.), plastic foaming (EVA, IXPE, LD series, etc.), PU foaming (polyester sponge, Polyether sponge). Our company has nearly ten advanced machines and equipment, which are suitable for slicing, backing, slitting, die cutting and special-shaped processing of a variety of foaming materials and rubber and plastic materials. check the details


  • 三元乙丙橡胶泡棉的特点

    EPDM是新型环保橡胶发泡材料,以三元乙丙为主要原材料合成,具有优异的耐天候、耐臭氧、耐热、耐酸碱、 耐水蒸汽,其颜色稳定性、电性能及耐老化、电绝缘性能和耐臭氧性能突出,化学稳定性好,可以作为EPDM软管、 轮胎侧、橡胶跑道、胶

  • EPE、EVA包装、海绵的区别


  • EVA泡棉的特点及应用


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